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//Alriiiiight, let me go a different route and lay down the general rules that we go by well, they’re not really rules, but they’re basic things we should be reminded of. I think. Sort of. Well. I think. I don’t know. But they’re something.

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Okay y’all better listen up you lil shits because I’ve seen a lot of anon hate around here lately and it absolutely DISGUSTS me. You think it’s fun to make fun of people??? You don’t like seeing people happy and doing the things they love?? Well then you’re what I like to call trash.

Victims of anon hate! This just goes to show you that you’re important enough as that people are jealous of your popularity!! You’re all lovely people with lovely blogs and lovely lives and anons obviously want to ruin that so don’t let them gain satisfaction! Show your sass and fend them off with how fabulous you are! Anon haters are just cowards who are too wimpy to face the consequences. If they’re on anon that just goes to show you that they’re afraid of you! (if you send yourself anon hate to get attention, that’s really sick of you wtf)

But not all anon hate is the same. You also have to understand there is a thing called creative criticism : people critiquing your work and offering helpful ideas on how to make it better. It’s like the difference between “I think that could be made better if you ____ ” and “that sucks” DO NOT MISTAKE CREATIVE CRITICISM FOR ANON HATE BECAUSE IT MEANS SOMEONE IS TAKING THEIR TIME TO HELP YOU. Anons also, if you want to critique someone you need to be polite about it GOSH! Don’t come off as blunt/sassy and try to appear as friendly as you can! (u know coming off anon helps a LOT). Remember that we admins havE LIVES (wow revolutionary i know right?? ?) “when are you going to update” / etc is okay but “you should update” comes off as really rude. we shouldn’t have to do anything for you! Ask blogging is to fulfill our own personal desires. Sometimes our ACTUAL LIVES get a bit messy and we need time to ourselves so please respect that and be patient!

If anyone is having trouble with anon hate feel free to talk to me about it! anon haters I DARE you to come at me, I’ve had anon hate before on my main blog and it was hilariously pathetic to be honest. 

I’m sorry this message is long, clogging up your dashboards and such, and go ahead and unfollow me if you don’t like me but I feel like this absolutely had to be addressed. 



The anon hate I get … XD

Aye yo all the bitches who are hating on this cutie- SHUT THE FUCK UP BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS ABOUT YOUR PATHETIC OPINIONS!! You’re lucky this cutie doesn’t care. Do you have any idea what hate like that can do to people? Do you know what this is called, you asshats? BULLYING. So SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET THE BBY DO WHAT SHE WANTS!!!))

((Sending messages like those are pretty fucking pathetic. I mean. you’re acting like a spoiled little brat. If you don’t like what someone does, just ignore them, move on with your day. Saying something mean to them, especially on anon says how much of a person you are. If you send any kind of anon hate to anyone, you are the most pathetic person I have ever met. Honestly. Don’t have anything nice to say about a person, don’t say it! Shutting your mouth about it won’t harm you as much as you sending people hate. Grow the fuck up.))


Imagine an AU for hetalia where instead of countries, they’re teachers.

Gilbert would either teach history, or gym, and he has to wear glasses because he has terrible eye sight. 


//To the anons who badger people to update properly


General slogan most muns who run an Ask!blog use the asshole and middle finger salute part is probably more me then anyone else. Whoops. You’re not running our blogs. We’re like you, we’ve got shit to do outside of tumblr. Sure, ask us when are we gonna update because it means you like our blog enough to see more, but don’t be a dick about it and borderline harass any of us about it.

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Thank you guys so much!))


Ask box is now open!!

Why dont you send me somethin’?


Thank you guys so much!!! q 7 q)/

Once I get things sorted out, I’ll do some sort of a giveaway. If anyone is interested.))


Oh my gawd…196 followers in one day. I’m so happy Q A Q When I have 200+ followers then I do some sexy Alfie . w .

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asknihonloid replied to your post: ((Wow. Everyone’s chibi style is so cute, and…

(( No shhhh you’re style is amazing I am even jealous do not doubt you’re self for a minute shhh ))

(( yours is amazing friend omg it’s so CuuuuUTEEE ))
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